County Officers 2018/19

President: Mrs Annwen Williams 

Vice Presidents: Mr John Squire, Mr Jeremy Liley, Mr Andrew RT Davies and Miss Kate Miles 

Board of Management Chairman: Miss Kate Miles 

County Chairman: Mr Matthew Tucker 

Vice County Chairman: Miss Kate Thomas 

Competitions Chairman: Miss Kate Thomas

Competitions Vice: Miss Katie Court 

Events and Marketing Chairman: Miss Katie Bugler

Events and Marketing Vice: Mr Jack Thomas 

Treasurer: Miss Kate Thomas

Vice Treasurer: Miss Katie Court

Rally Chairman: Mr Lloyd Harris-Thomas

Yearbook Editors: Mr Ieuan Rosser and Miss Hannah Wright 

Publicity Officers: Miss Katie Court, Miss Kate Bugler and Mr Jack Thomas

Youth Forum Co-ordinator: Mr Leyshon Griffiths

Youth Forum Chairman: Miss Lauren David

Youth Forum Vice: Mr Ollie Morgan

100 Club Organisers:
 Mrs Sarah Rosser, Mr Ieuan Rosser, Mr Tom Edwards, Miss Katie Court and Mr Andrew Joseph

Wales Council Reps: Mr Matthew Tucker, Miss Kate Thomas and Miss Elen Williams 

Wales Board of Management Rep & Council: Mr Matthew Tucker 

Wales Rural Affairs reps: Mr Lee Pritchard, Mr David Bugler and Mr Max Herbert 

Wales Youth Forum reps: To be elected at Youth Forum meeting

Wales International reps: Miss Rhiannon Philip and Miss Catrin Hill 

Wales Marketing, Communications and Events reps: Miss Katie Bugler and Mr Jack Thomas

Wales Competitions reps: Miss Elen Williams, Miss Kate Thomas and Miss Katie Court 

NFYFC Council Members: Mr Matthew Tucker and Miss Kate Thomas

County Stockjudging Co-ordinator: Mr David Evans

Safeguarding Officer: Mr Ieuan Rosser 

NFU Reps: Mr Tom Rees and Mr Jack Thomas 

FUW Rep:
Mr Max Herbert

CLA REP: Mr Max Herbert

Welsh Language Officer: Miss Elen Williams

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